What is the most expensive SSD for your laptop?

If your budget is unlimited and you want to get the most expensive SSD in your laptop? Please look no further we have found the most expensive SSD. Well the capacity is not enormous (compared to 3TB hard drives), you do have the biggest SSD that is available on the consumer market.

Toshiba has the largest (and most expensive) SSD available on the consumer market. SSD’s for the enterprise market can be bigger but also way more expensive. Who is the clear winner? The Toshiba 1600GB Phoenix M2R 12GBPS 2.5 inch SSD! For only $4201,92 this SSD is for your!

Instead of buying this SSD, what would you do with $4201,92?
Buy a new Macbook Retina with the best components? Buy the new Razer Blade Pro, the ultimate gaming laptop?

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