Use the generic SATA drivers instead the intel SATA drivers.

It is possible when you have installed your hard drive or SSD inside your laptop that it might not be recognized or that it doesn’t work as it should. For instance you have reading or writing problems, or the hard drive seems to disappear from time to time.

The following steps might solve this problem.

Please note if your drive volume disappears from time to time or you have read/write error problems, it’s also very likely you have a bad hard drive. Please check the health of your hard drive with HDtune Free.

Also don’t forget to set your battery options/power save plan on High Performance.

Step 1 go to control panel

Step 2 right click on SATA AHCI controller

Step 3 Choose browse my computer

Step 4 Pick from list

Step 5 Select standard SATA controller

Step 6 Finish!

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