Sync your files with two drives for free

Once you have a HDD Caddy installed in your laptop you might use it for different purposes. You can use the extra drive in your HDD Caddy as an extra storage for your games, files and applications. So you don’t have to free up space every time. Or you can use it as a in-build mobile back up drive in case your primary drive is failing.

In both purposes you might need to sync a lot of files between your older primary drive and to your new drive in the HDD Caddy.

You can use the general drag and drop with Windows but it doesn’t allow you to sync files. With syncing you can compare the files of two folders and to make sure you copying 100% of what you intended.

FreeFileSync for free sync and copying files.

FreeFileSync is a free open source file synchronization. It compares with folders and let you synchronize these folder. It is a great solution when you want to create a back up your primary drive to your extra drive in your laptop. Also it’s quite useful when you moving a lot of small files from one location to another. It keeps track what has been synced and what not. Sometimes when using the generic drag and drop in Windows it might fail and it doesn’t show you exactly to what point files have been successful copied.

The interface is very simple and easy to use. You select your directories, you can compare them and choose to synchronize. It shows which are copied already and which are not.

You can can find more information and the application it self on this website:

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