SSD best sellers! Upgrade your laptop with the best selling solid state drive!

One of the best upgrade of your PC or laptop is swapping the traditional hard drive for a solid state drive (SSD). The difference in performance is huge. Any old laptop can feel as new with a fast SSD as primary drive. SSD has become more popular because the price per GB has become lower and SSD are more affordable these days. Still traditional hard drives are cheap compared to the prices you have to pay for SSD’s. Innovative technology like HDD Caddy can swap your unused optical drive for an extra hard drive or SSD. This is available for many laptops like Asus, Acer, Dell, HP, Macbook, Toshiba, Sony and more.

So what are the best sellers among the SSD’s? We took a look at the the top selling SSD’s from Amazon today. These are the best sellings SSD’s:
1. Samsung EVO 840 250gb
2. Samsung EVO 840 120gb
3. Crucial M500 240gb
4. Samsung EVO 840 500gb
5. Crucial M500 120gb
6. Samsung EVO 840 1tb
7. Samsung 840 Pro 250gb
8. Crucial M500 480gb
9. Kingston Digital V300 SSDnow 120gb
10. Intel 530 Series 240gb

It’s clear that the SSD’s from Samsung are dominating the current top 10SSD’s. The EVO series are very popular due to their high rated performance. Both reliability and speed of the Samsung EVO’s are unmatched. The second winner is Crucial, their previous model, the M4, was already popular and the M500 hasn’t change this. We do see that the capacities of the most popular SSD’s doesn’t get lower than the standard 120gb. For most users 120gb should be sufficient with Windows 7 and 8 eating around 25gb of your standard drive.

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