Sony Vaio S-series with a 2nd HDD SSD through an HDD Caddy

The Sony Vaio S-series are one of the best designed slimline laptops. The Vaio S series are available as 13 or 15 inch models. The newest Vaio S-series, The S13, was highly promoted in the newest James Bond movie “Skyfall”. The S13 uses a Ivy bridge motherboard while the previous generation the SB13 and SA13 uses a Sandy bridge motherboard. The S13 performs faster and cooler than its previous generation.

Both S series laptops uses an optical slot-in drive. A slot-in drive does not have a ejecting tray where you can put the cd, dvd or bluray. A slot-in drive is a optical drive where you can insert an optical medium and it automatically ejects the medium through its ejecting mechanism. Slot-in drive are often more difficult to remove from the laptop, they are installed inside the laptop. This is no different for the Vaio S series. To remove the slot-in drive you have to remove the bottom case similar as the Macbook Pro. Although it is not that difficult to remove the optical drive, it takes a little bit more time.

You can use a  HDD Caddy to replace the optical drive in the Vaio S series laptop for a 2nd HDD or SSD.

You can order the caddy here.

The S series are labeled with different names:

Sony Vaio SVS1312K3EW
Sony Vaio SVS13A1W9E
Sony Vaio SVS13A2X9ES
Sony Vaio SVS13A1W9E
Sony Vaio SVS1311F3E
Sony Vaio SVS13A1W9ES
Sony Vaio VPCSE1J1E (Zilver)
Sony Vaio VPCSB1X9E
Sony Vaio VPCSB3L9E
Sony Vaio VPCSA3Z9E/XI
Sony Vaio SVS1312R9EB.NL3
Sony Vaio VPCSB3S9E
Sony Vaio VPCSB1V9E
Sony Vaio VPCSB1S1E
Sony Vaio S1311F3EW

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