Samsung Laptops & HDD Caddy RV520 300E5A R730 R540 RV720 RV520

Samsung is one of the biggest electronic concerns. The last few years they are also active on the laptop market. Below you’ll find an overview of Samsung laptops which fit a HDD Caddy


Samsung 200B5A-A01NL
Samsung 300V5A-S01NL
Samsung 400B5B-A01NL
Samsung 400B5B-A02NL
Samsung 400B5B-S03NL
Samsung 600B5B-S01NL
Samsung 700G7A-S01NL
Samsung 300E5A-A01NL
Samsung 300E5A-S01NL
Samsung 300E5A-S02NL
Samsung 300E5A-S03NL
Samsung 300E7A-A02NL
Samsung 300E7A-S01NL
Samsung 300E7A-S02NL
Samsung 300E7A-S04NL
Samsung 700Z5A-S01NL
Samsung 700Z5A-S03NL
Samsung P530 JA01
Samsung R540-JA03NL
Samsung R540-JA05
Samsung R730-JA06
Samsung R730-JB06
Samsung R730-JT03NL
Samsung RC530-S01NL
Samsung RC530-S02NL
Samsung RC530-S03NL
Samsung RC730-S01NL
Samsung RC730-S02NL
Samsung RC730-S03NL
Samsung RC730-S04NL
Samsung RF711-S01
Samsung RV520 (NP-RV520-A02NL)
Samsung RV520 (NP-RV520-A03NL)
Samsung RV520-S01NL
Samsung RV720 (NP-RV720-A01NL)
Samsung RV720 (NP-RV720-S01NL)
Samsung RV720 (NP-RV720-S02NL)
Samsung SF510-S01

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