New Samsung 850 Pro SSD available now!

SSD’s from Samsung have been popular for a while among IT enthusiasts. The series Samsung 830 and 840 EVO are one of the top selling SSD’s on the consumer market. Performance and reliability tests have shown these SSD’s are one of the best.

Now the Samsung 840 EVO has a new successor; the Samsung 850 Pro SSD! Again Samsung shows they took the lead in applying new technology in their SSD’s. The Samsung 850 Pro SSD uses new technology. It is the first SSD on the consumer market that uses 3D-v-nand. Previously Samsung used 21nm-mlc-memory or 19nm-tlc-memory in their previous SSD. The 3d-v-nand memory should be more reliable and providing better performance.

Find more information on the website of Samsung.

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