New HDD Caddy for HP Elitebook 8560w and 8760w! Ideal for second harddisk with SSD!

At HDDCaddy we have a new HDD Caddy available special made for the HP Elitebook 8560w and 8760w! This caddy is made of aluminium material and therefore it is extra lightweight and has better cooling for harddisks. Inside the caddy there are special lock screws to make sure you can screw your HDD or SSD to the caddy, a free screw driver will be included! If you are using a SSD as primary drive then a HDD Caddy is ideal for expanding your storage space with a traditional HDD. The HDD Caddy replaces your dvd-drive and makes extra room available for a second harddisk.

The HDDCaddy can now be ordered here.

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