Install HDD or SSD in HDD Caddy for HP Elitebook 8560w 8570w 8760w 8770w

In these instructions you will find how you can install a notebook HDD or SSD in a HDD Caddy for the HP Elitebook 8560w 8570w 8760w or 8770w laptops. Once you have installed the HDD inside the caddy you can insert the complete caddy in your laptop. The HDD Caddy works plug and plug so you do not need to install any drivers to get it working. However if you have bought a new hard disk and you are using Windows, the HDD will not be immediately visible in your explorer. Therefore you need to format or partitionize your hard disk first. To do that, go to control panel -> administrative tools -> computer management -> disk management and create a new volume on your new empty hard disk.

The HDD Caddy comes with a set of extra screws and sticker:

Step 1. Remove the black plastic holder

Step 2. Install the two screw on the sides of your HDD or SSD. In this example we are using a laptop SSD Crucial M4.

Step 3. Insert HDD or SSD in the HDD Caddy

You can push the HDD or SSD a little bit to make sure it is fitted in the caddy.

Step 4. Insert the black plastic holder. The black plastic holder that was removed in step 1 should be inserted between the HDD/SSD and the caddy. It should fit perfectly in the caddy so that the inserted HDD or SSD is not able to move.

Great now you are done!

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