Information installing

Thank you for ordering at HDDCADDY!

Once you have received your HDDCaddy, make sure it’s correctly installed in your laptop. Please read the instructions below before installing.


1. Seat the hard drive or SSD correctly in the HDDCaddy. Although your model might differ from the picture below, the instructions for this is still the same. Make sure the connector of your hard drive or SSD is totally inserted in the connector of the HDDCady. Once the hard drive or SSD is correctly seated there should be a small gap (around 5mm) open at the right.
HDD Caddy install

2. Secure the hard drive or SSD in the HDDCaddy. Depending on your model there should a few screws included or rubber caps which you can use to secure your hard drive or SSD in the HDDCaddy.

3. Around the HDDCaddy you can find screw holes to mount any metal bracket to your HDDCaddy. The screw holes are adaptive, they adjust depending on the type of screws you are using. Therefore you need to use a little bit extra force when you screw them in.

4. You can dismount the bezel from your optical drive and move it to your HDDCaddy. You can do this in two ways; A. pop-up the clips with a small flat screw driver (left and right, or only right).
B: remove the aluminium plate below the tray load of your optical drive if you have trouble with removing the clip, like in this picture.

If you have trouble mounting the dvd bezel onto the HDD Caddy please read this article.

4. If the hard drive is new in the HDD Caddy, make sure it’s partitioned and formatted before use. If the drive is not partitioned and formatted the drive will not be visible in your My Computer or File Explorer. To partition a new drive go to My Computer > Manage (right-mouse click) > Disk Management (note: make sure you select the correct drive to format). If the hard drive is not detected by BIOS it can help to reboot several times or to reset BIOS settings to default. After restart it will initialise new hardware changes to allow your 2nd hard drive to work.

Basically that’s it! If you use the hard drive in the HDDCaddy as second storage, it will show up as a second drive in your File Explorer. If you want to clone your Windows to the new SSD or HDD in the HDDCaddy please check the video below:

Problems? HDD Caddy not working

Sometimes it can happen your drive is not immediately visible in your operating system after installation. This can have a hardware or a software related cause. Please read this troubleshoot when your drive in your HDD Caddy is not working.