How-to remove bezel/faceplate from the Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 optical drive

The bezel, frontplate or faceplate that is mounted on the optical drive of the Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 might be difficult to remove. Different than most other laptops the clips of the bezel is a little bit hidden from sight. The clips are relatively easy to dismount if you push them at the right angle. In this how-to we explain how you can remove the faceplate of the DVD or BluRay drive of the Lenovo IdeaPad Y500.

First remove the optical drive (remove the battery first and hold the ejectors). The optical drive has a black plastic bracket that holds the optical drive in its place. You can transfer this black plastic bracket to the HDD Caddy. Remove the small screws first and use these same screws on to the HDD Caddy.

The most difficult part in removing the bezel from the Lenovo IdeaPad Y500 is at the left side of the bezel. The small clip cannot be seen without using a small flashlight. If you use a flashlight you will see a small clip 2 – 3mm thick. You can press this clip easily inwards and the left side of the bezel will come a little bit off. You can do this with a small pocket knife that slides in the little space to push the small clips inwards.

Once the left clip is loose from the optical drive make sure it doesn’t pop back in. You can put something small between the bezel and optical drive to prevent this from happening. Now we go to the right side. The clip on the right is relatively easy to remove. Even without flashlight you can see a horizontal clip that holds the right side of the bezel. Use a small flat screw driver or spudger to push this clip inwards. Now the right side will come off.

Now the biggest clips on the left and right side are removed from the optical drive. The bezel might still be on the optical drive however if you gently pop the bezel a bit down you will see that the bezel will come off easily. You can mount the bezel on the HDD Caddy.

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