How to order

Ordering at is simple and easy. First find your HDD Caddy and add it to the shopping cart, click on Check Out and follow the Check Out steps.
1. Find your product model and click on “add to cart” to add the HDD Caddy to your shopping cart.

2. If you have find all the items you want, click on “checkout”

3. A summary of your shopping cart is shown. You are now on the Check Out page.

3-1. Enter your address in this step. Choose Guest Checkout (you can also create an account)
– If you ship to a company address, please submit the company name as well.
– Make sure you don’t forget any address details (e.g. housenumber)

– “Click here to save first before continue to payment method” Shipping fee will be automatically calculated.

3-2. Correct shipping method will be automatically selected for you

3-3. Choose your payment method and finalize your order!
– PayPal and Bankwire are payment methods for all countries.

After receiving your order, we will process it and notify you when it has been shipped.
We are looking forward to your order!

If you have a valid and verifiable European (Union) VAT number, you can order VAT free. It is very simple to do this. VAT numbers are automatically verified. Please read this how-to on how to order VAT free.

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