VAT free ordering (only for companies in Europe)

If you order on behalf of your company in Europe, you can order without VAT. Ordering without VAT (BTW in Dutch) is only possible under the following conditions:
1. You are a company/business client, not a private consumer.
2. Your company’s headquarters is based in a member state of the European Union and outside the Netherlands.
3. You have a valid and verifiable VAT (TAX) number available.

UPDATE: The tutorial below is still valid but not necessary anymore. When you choose instant checkout or create an account during checkout, you can enter your VAT number. The VAT number will be shown on your invoice and the prices will be re-calculated.

Step 1. Click on login

Step 2. Create account – enter your e-mail address

Step 3. Enter your personal information (e-mail, password etc.)
Step 4. Submit your first address

Step 5. When you select a country in Europe a VAT input field will be enabled. If you order on behalf of your company and you do have a valid and verifiable VAT number please enter this number in the VAT input field (without spaces and/or dots). Your VAT number will be automatically validated. If your VAT number is invalid you will not able to submit the address. If you do not have a VAT number, you should leave the input field empty.

Step 6. Please give your address a recognizable reference like “my vat free address”

Step 7. Save your address and use this address during checkout. The VAT will be automatically deducted. For example, an item that is 23,95 will be 19,79 euro.

If you use a different invoice and shipping address. Please make sure that  both the invoice and delivery addresses are provided with the same VAT EU number.

If the VAT number cannot be validated (e.g. error message VAT validation unavailable), please e-mail use your VAT number and your e-mailaddress. We will put the VAT number manually in your account.

Thank you for taking your time reading this tutorial! We are looking forward to your order(s).

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