How-to: install slot loading superdrive in USB external enclosure for Macbook Pro or iMac

The superdrive or DVD-drive of the Macbook Pro can be removed from the optical bay and be replaced with a second hard drive in our Macbook Pro HDD Caddy. The superdrive can still be used through a USB cable adapter or by using our USB external enclosure. With a USB external enclosure you can turn the superdrive into a portable USB device. This is useful when you incidental still use cd’s or dvd’s. In this how-to we will explain how the install your Macbook Pro superdrive into our external USB enclosure. The enclosure is USB 2.0 and backwards compatible with USB 1.1. You can install superdrives into this enclosure from the unibody Macbook and Macbook Pro. The unibody models can be recognized through the buttonless glass touchpad.

Instructions for the black dvd-enclosure can be found here.

The USB external enclosure consists of:
– bottom case
– upper case
– USB cable
– small screw
– rubber sticker

Step 1: Place the superdrive in the enclosure
The enclosure has two parts: bottom case with the SATA converter and top case.

Place superdrive in the bottom case and connect to the optical drive converter.

Superdrive connected to the optical drive converter.

Close the enclosure. Start with the left side of the top case.

Both parts are forming the enclosure.

Step 2: Close the enclosure
Turn the enclosure upside down. You will see one of the small rubber feets is open. Take the small screw and screw it in this opening.

Paste the rubber sticker on the opening.

Enclosure is now done and is ready to use!

If you want to take the superdrive out of the enclosure just follow the steps backwards. First remove the rubber sticker with a small flat screwdriver.

Take the screw out.

Take a ruler (something thicker than a bankcard). And start pushing the right bottom corner open and push the right side open.

Push the ruler gently forwards. Inwards clips will open the topcase on the right side.

Do the same at the backside of the enclosure.

And last open the left side of the enclosure. The top and bottom case can be easily be removed and you can take the superdrive out of the enclosure.

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