How to install HDD Caddy in the Dell Inspiron 15R or Dell Inspiron N5010

The video below shows you how you can install a second drive in your Dell Inspiron 15 15R or Dell Inspiron N5010 laptop with HDD Caddy.

1. Turn of your Dell laptop and put it upside down on a table/cloth (prevent scratches).
2. Remove the battery for safety measures.
3. Remove the plate that covers the memory ram sticks from your laptop.
4. Remove the screw holding the optical drive.
5. Transfer metal lock hinge to HDD Caddy.
6. Mount SSD or drive in the HDD Caddy and secure it.
7. Remove the bezel of the optical drive and mount on the HDD Caddy.
8. Put completed HDD Caddy in the laptop and secure it with same screw near the memory bay.
9. Put everything back and you are done!

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