How to install HDD Caddy in Lenovo Y500 / IdeaPad Y500

The video below shows how you can add a second drive to your Lenovo Y500 with HDD Caddy.

1. Turn your laptop off and put it upside down
2. Remove the middle screw in the bottom of your laptop.
3. Remove the battery for safety measures. Push the clip outside to remove
the battery.
4. Slide the optical drive out the optical bay by pushing the clip as shown in the video.
5. Mount SSD or hard drive in the HDD Caddy.
6. Gently remove the bracket and bezel from the optical drive. For the Y500 it’s quite tricky.
Please follow the video for instructions! You need to remove the clips of the optical drive with some
pointy tools.
7. Insert HDD Caddy in the optical bay and secure it.

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