How to install HDD Caddy in Asus N550 N550JV & N550JK

In the video below you’ll find instructions on how to install a HDD Caddy in the Asus N550, Asus N550JV, and Asus N550JK.

1. Make sure you have all the screwing tools ready (torx screwdrivers) for dissasemblation.
2. Remove the bottom plate of the Asus laptop by removing all screws holding the botto plate / casing.
3. Take of the bottom plate of the Asus laptop by going around the edges with your finger nail or plastic card / spudger / case opener.
4. Now the internal hardware exposed. You can now also upgrade ram memory or hard drive. Be careful not to spill any water.
5. The optical drive is secured with screws. Remove the screws as shown in the video.
6. Now push the optical drive out of its bay.
7. Put the metal bracket, connector and bezel to the HDD Caddy.
For removing the bezel please check the second video below.
8. Put everything back together and you are done!

In the 2nd video below you’ll see how you can remove the original bezel and put it on the HDD Caddy!

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