How to install HDD Caddy in Asus F551CA

In this video below you’ll see how you can install a HDD Caddy in a Asus F551CA. This laptop is being upgraded with a SSD from Samsung. The original hard drive that came with this laptop will be kept in the HDD bay. You can also swap these drives from position, it doesn’t really matter for this laptop. This laptop does not have an optical drive instead the optical bay is occupied with a so called space saver, a plastic frame that fills the otpical bay. The bezel of this frame cannot be removed and thus cannot be transferred to the HDD Caddy. To solve this problem we mount a different bezel on this laptop which still makes the laptop look like original. Removing the space saver is a little more work/difficult than other laptops since the top and bottom casing has to be opened.

  • 1. remove all screws in bottom casing
  • 2. use a pryer or bank card to peel the bottom casing and top casing
  • 3. carefully open the top casing from the bottom casing
  • 4. remove the ribbon cable that connects the keyboard
  • 5. remove the screw to remove the space saver
  • 6. place the hdd caddy
  • 7. put everything back in the opposite order

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