How to install DVD or BR-drive in USB enclosure

In these instructions we will explain how you can install an optical drive into the USB external dvd enclosure/case. With this case you can convert your optical drive into a portable USB 2.0 device. An ideal solution if you still need your optical drive to burn or to play cd’s, dvd’s or blu-rays.

The external dvd enclosure/case set consists of:
– plastic black front bezel
– 2x dvd screws
– USB converter
– case
– 2x USB cable

Step 1: mount black front bezel on to your optical drive

Start gentle from left to right.

Step 2: mount to USB converter on to your optical drive

Push the convert on to the connection of your optical drive.

Step 3: lay the optical drive in the bottom case

The bottom part of the case has two juts with small holes in it.

Make sure that both juts are between the USB converter and optical drive.

Step 4: slide the top case on the bottom case

The top case has a quadrangular opening for the USB connection. Lay the top case on the bottom case so that the casing is closed from the side. Slide the top case to the left to close the case completely.

Step 5 (final): screw the back side of the case

Use the two screws to screw the back side of the case. The case is now done!



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