How to add a second hard drive or SSD to your Asus N550 with HDD Caddy!

In this how-to we explain how you can add a second hard drive or SSD to your Asus N550 thanks to HDD Caddy!
What do you need?
– patience
Asus N550 HDD Caddy
Torx T5 screw
Philips 00 screw driver
To add a second hard drive or SSD to your Asus N550 you need to swap the optical drive for a Asus N550 HDD Caddy. The Asus N550 HDD Caddy allows you to add a second 2.5″ hard drive or SSD. It’s a great upgrade if you do not use the optical drive.

Step 1. Put your Asus N550 on a cloth to prevent scratches at the casing.

Step 2. Remove the screws at the bottom of the casing.

Step 3. Once the screws are removed from the bottom of the Asus N550 laptop you can pry carefully the bottom case from the laptop.

Step 4. Once the bottom of the casing is loose you can remove it from the Asus N550 laptop.

Step 5. Make sure you don’t drop any items on the motherboard of your laptop. So don’t keep a glass water or soda nearby! Make sure the area is clean.

Step 6. Here we see the optical drive. It’s secure seated in the laptop.

Step 7. Once you have removed the screws that are securing the optical drive it’s easy to slide the optical drive from your laptop.

Step 8. Make sure you have prepared the Asus N550 HDD Caddy. Put your hard drive in the Asus N550 HDD Caddy. In this step you have to remove the bezel from your optical drive and put this on the HDD Caddy.

Step 9. Pry the bezel from the optical drive. Please watch this how-to remove bezel video for further instructions.

Step 10. Congratulations! The bezel is safely removed from the optical drive.

Step 11. Once removed you can mount the bezel on the HDD Caddy and install the HDD Caddy complete with second hard drive or SSD in your Asus N550 laptop!

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