HDDCaddy prize sponsor of the Dutch Starcraft League qualifiers!

We are glady to announce that HDDCaddy will sponsoring the prizes for three qualifiers of the Dutch Starcraft League. As fellow gaming enthusiasts we are happy to see a StarCraft 2 tournament initiated by the Dutch. We share their wish of making e-sports in the Netherlands more popular and our way to help is by sponsoring the hardware prizes that can be won during this tournament.

Each of the winners of the third qualifiers will receive our HDDCaddy mounting set. Each set contains:
1x 12.7mm SATA HDD Caddy
1x SATA-to-USB adapter cable

Replace your laptop’s optical drive by the HDD Caddy and you can install a second harddrive via the HDD Caddy. The 12.7mm SATA HDD Caddy is suitable for most 15″ and 17″ gaming laptops. Still need to use your optical drive? The SATA-to-USB adapter cable converts your optical drive into a plug-and-play USB-device. The ideal laptop setup is to use a fast and small SSD for improving gaming performance and a second harddrive combined with the HDD Caddy for storing movies, music, pictures, etc. More information and instructions are available on our blog.

Example installation:

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