HDDCaddy at Dutch Starcraft League Finals

On June the 1st, the final events of the DSCL (Dutch Starcraft League) took place in the convention centre World Forum, which is located in the Hague. The final events of the DSCL consists of the individual league and the team league. HDDCaddy was there to sponsor the prizes given to the participants of the team league! We are honored that we are one of the sponsors of the first Starcraft 2 tournament in the Netherlands, so we very happy to give the team winners a price.

The final events was very good organized. Professional equipment was used to broadcast the live event. Not only the games were fun and exciting to watch but the organization (e.g. presenters, casters, etc.) also took effort to interact with the audience and made it really entertaining.

We congratz the winners of the DSCL finals and we hope to see a new Dutch Starcraft 2 tournament in the future! Game on!

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