What is HDD Caddy?

HDD Caddy is a case for a hard drive which you can mount inside your laptop. This case fits perfectly in the bay where normally your optical drive (dvd-drive) is located. This allows you to exchange your optical drive with the HDD Caddy.

The second hard drive in the HDD Caddy that is now inside your laptop will be, for instance in Windows, immediately recognized as a second storage disk. You can use the second storage disk to store your files, music, movies, programs, and games. In most laptops you can set up the second hard drive to boot a second operating system. For instance if you want to use Linux besides your Windows installation. HDD Caddy is an easy way to increase the storage capacity of your laptop.

Upgrading laptop with SSD

Nowadays the use of SSD has become more popular. A SSD is a very fast “hard drive” (technically it uses chips instead of disks) which can replace your old HDD to increase the performance of your laptop. It is often economically better to upgrade with SSD than to buy a new laptop. However SSD is relatively expensive and storage capacity is limited. HDD Caddy is therefore a great solution to solve this problem. You can put the original HDD inside the HDD Caddy and install the very fast SSD on the primary bay of your laptop where you will install the operating system. With this setup you can enjoy better performance thanks to the SSD upgrade and have the flexibility of large storage capacity thanks to the HDD Caddy.

The installation of the HDD Caddy can be done in ten minutes. You can often remove the dvd-drive by taking out a screw at the bottom of your laptop. When the screw is removed you can take out the dvd-drive and replace it with HDD Caddy and a second hard drive. Then put the screw back in.

Product features of HDD Caddy

  • The HDD Caddy is made from very strong aluminium that is lightweight and cools effectively at the same time
  • Inside the HDD Caddy there is a frame that secures the hard drive or SSD in your laptop.
  • Inside the HDD Caddy a anti-static surface allows you to safely install a hard drive or SSD
  • Lock screws makes it easy to install a second drive
  • Compatible converter for each laptop that enables a reliable and secure connection with the SATA hard drive or SSD
  • The HDD Caddy is equipped with pre-fab mounting holes to secure any existing mounting materials to build the HDD Caddy inside your laptop

HDD Caddy

*Regular revisions are made to ensure compatibility and fit for certain laptop models. Design and color might deviate from our standard model.

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