HDD Caddy stuck in laptop

In most cases the HDD Caddy should be easily to remove from the optical bay. If for some reason the HDD Caddy is hard to remove from the optical bay you can try the following solutions.

1. Remove the lock screw

Make sure to remove the lock screw that is securing the HDD Caddy to the optical bay. After removing the lock screw you should easily slide out the HDD Caddy from the bay.

2. Remove the HDD Caddy by pulling at the dvd-bezel

You can hold on to the dvd-bezel to pull out the HDD Caddy. Between the laptop casing and the dvd-bezel there is a small gap. Use a bank card or something similar to widen the gap. Once the gap is bigger you can use your finger to pinch the bezel and remove the HDD Caddy.

3. HDD Caddy stuck and without bezel in optical bay.

If for some reason the dvd-bezel is loose from the HDD Caddy you can use the mounting holes to remove the HDD Caddy. Use a small flat screw driver and jam it in the big mounting hole. By pulling it sidewards and then back wards you can pull out the HDD Caddy.

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