HDD Caddy for Dell Inspiron M4010 M5010 M5030 M5110 laptop

HDD Caddy

HDD Caddy for the Dell Inspiron M4010 M5010 M5030 M5110 laptop. This HDD Caddy allows you to add a second hard drive or SSD to your laptop by replacing your optical drive. It supports 2.5 inch SATA hard drives or SSD

Are you looking for a way to add more storage capacity to your laptop while keeping your laptop mobile? Then HDD Caddy is your solution. This HDD Caddy replaces the optical drive from your laptop so you can insert an extra hard drive or SSD (Solid State Drive) in your laptop. Installing doesn’t require much effort and your 2nd drive should work out of the box, so no driver or software installation is needed to get it running.

How does it work?
The optical drive from Dell Inspiron M4010 M5010 M5030 M5110 can be easily removed. HDD Caddy has the same form and function as the optical drive but instead of cd or blu-ray discs the HDD Caddy can mount one single hard drive or SSD in your laptop. Thus HDD Caddy is a great solution if you want to keep your laptop mobile and you do not want to carry external USB hard drives or sticks anymore. HDD Caddy supports 2.5 inch hard drives or SSD and (depending on your laptop) it can support SATA1, SATA3 and SATA3 transfer speeds! It is also possible to boot from the secondary hard drive in the HDD Caddy. This allows you to easily have a multi-OS boot on your laptop. Read more about what HDD Caddy is.

This HDD Caddy features
– full aluminium design for better cooling and minimising extra weight
– plastic holder within the HDD Caddy that absorbs noise and vibrations
– special designed front side allowing you to easily mount your original bezel. Read more how to add your bezel to this HDD Caddy.
– special built-in lock screws to secure hard drive and make installation easy
– fast and reliable connection
– replaces your optical drive as plug & play, meaning it works without driver or extra software installation
– has an updated SATA board: which includes a fix for possible Dell shutdown problem with 2nd HDD or SSD
– 1 year warranty

– supports SATA laptop hard drives or SSD with a maximum capacity of 1TB (1,000GB)
(exceptions are 1.5TB Hitachi Travelstar 5K1000 and 2TB Seagate’s Samsung M9T)
– fits 2.5 inch laptop size hard drives or SSD
– supports SATA I, II, III (max. 6gbps), this also depends on your laptop SATA speed capability.
– including handy screwing tool for installation
– package includes 1x HDD Caddy for Dell Inspiron M4010 M5010 M5030 M5110


Please note: a hard drive or SSD is not included.

Order your HDD Caddy for Dell Inspiron M4010 M5010 M5030 M5110 here!


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