HDD Caddy discount code special month sale!

To celebrate our anniversary we will have a special monthly sale with discount codes. HDD Caddy have helped many customers over the globe to improve their existing notebook with extra storage space or be able to add a SSD for better performance. We are very happy to be able to help our customers to be more efficient and effective while working on their laptop. To celebrate the anniversary of HDD Caddy we have a special discount code for making your purchases a bit cheaper. This monthly sale is temporarily and the codes are limited available! So use the codes fast before they are unusable! Please note the discount codes are limited to 1 order per customer and there is minimum order of 19 euro!

You can use the following discount codes during check out:

SUSHI12 (4 euro)
WASABI (3 euro)
SASHIMI (3 euro)
MAKI (5 euro)
ZALM (4 euro)
TONIJN (5 euro)

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