Glossy 1440p monitor Dell U2715H – DIY AG coating removal

In this DIY we removed the Anti Glare (AG) coating from the popular Dell U2715H with a 2560 x 1440 LG IPS panel. This panel has a matte film which is efficient to keep reflections away. However we like glossy panels for better clarity, colors and sharpness.

It’s 2017 and glossy 1440p monitor are still incredibly rare. It seems only Apple appreciate glossy displays with their iMacs and even the LG Ultrafine. We purchased the Dell U2715H for graphics and video editing. The Dell U2715H features a 2560 x 1440 IPS display and is currently one of the popular displays on the market. The smaller version is the U2515H (25 inch but same panel).

We already successfully did an anti glare coating removal from a LG Ultrawide monitor. We suspect that the AG coating films can removed easily from LG panels. The Dell U2715H has a LG panel so we made a gamble that the wet towels would also work on this monitor.

If you are able to control the lights in your working environment a glossy panel is great to work with. Of course the downside of glossy panel is the reflection. However colors and sharpness will benefit from a glossy panel.

Please note: obviously with removing the AG coating from your monitor, you will lose your warranty of the product. Remember, without the film your screen is less protected. Be careful and do not wash it with aggressive cleaner. Do not clean or touch it when your screen is warm.

AG coating removal from the Dell U2715H

Disassembly of the housing is not necessary because the monitor has a bezel-less display. You can actually already see where the film is applied on the panel in the corners. However you have to remove the front panel slightly to make room for the wet towels.

1. The front panel is installed with clips and foam adhesive. You can remove the adhesive by using a not-sharp knife. You do not have to fully remove the front panel.

2. The front panel did not came fully off. It was quite stuck in the middle so we left it like this. There is enough space to move the wet towels in.

3. We used wooden skewers to make some space for the wet towels. The front panel does not have to come off.

4. We start to apply the wet towels. Make sure the first layer has a minimum of bubbels and folds.

5. In total we applied three layers of wet towels.

We waited for 7 hours. Somewhere between we sprayed the towels with some water.

6. After 7 hours we started peeling the film off the panel. It should be removed quite easily without much force. Locate the corner and start gently peeling the film off.

7. At some point you can pinch it with your index finger and thumb and peel the whole film off the panel.

8. You can now gently remove the film of the panel. If you did everything correct it should removed quite easily.

Start diagonally and then move parallel towards the front panel because the film will move against the front panel if you would do it sideways.

Also, the skewers can be quite stuck. Be careful when removing them because you can damage your screen. Bent the front panel towards you and then remove the skewers.

9. Put the now-glossy Dell U2715H display back on its stand.

10. Enjoy your new monitor with beautiful rich colors!

Some comparison.

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