Free pouch with USB DVD cable!

When using an HDD Caddy inside your laptop, you will end up with a separate laptop optical drive. In order to use this dvd-drive you need to re-install it in your laptop. This is not always convenient since it takes time (and tools) to get this done. For this problem we have a simple solution by utilising the USB ports of your laptop! With this easy to use USB DVD cable you can convert your laptop dvd-drive or blu-ray drive into a USB mobile device. In case you need to read or burn cd’s, dvd’s or blu-ray’s you connect this cable on your optical drive and then put in the USB port of your laptop. If you use Windows or OSX it will be automatically recognised as your optical drive.

If you now order this cable with your HDD Caddy, you will get a free storage pouch for your dvd-unit! With this pouch you can store your optical drive and cable together. The pouches are in limited supply, so it will only be temporary available for the next orders!

Free pouch HDD Caddy USB DVD Cable

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