Fix: Unable copy with 2nd HDD – \Device\RaidPort0, was issued. Source: amdsata Event ID: 129

This tutorial is also relevant if your SATA drive is not been recognized (whatever your laptop may be, core i3 core 2 duo etc.)
If you encounter a problem with copying from the primary drive to the secondary drive or vice versa, you might want to change the SATA driver to a generic one. For some AMD laptops you might get the error “Event 129, amd sata”. Your drive stops copying and is unavailable in the explorer. To fix this you have to go to control panel > device manager > right click on IDE ATA/ATAPI controller > Update driver > Browse my computer… > Let me pick from a list.. > Choose the generice SATA driver. With this how-to you need to restart you computer. Please save your documents and close all your programs.

Please note if your drive volume disappears from time to time or you have read/write error problems, it’s also very likely you have a bad hard drive. Please check the health of your hard drive with HDtune Free.

Step 1 go to control panel

Step 2 right click on SATA AHCI controller

Step 3 Choose browse my computer

Step 4 Pick from list

Step 5 Select standard SATA controller

Step 6 Finish!

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