Dell Inspiron 1764 Limited Compatibility for HDD Caddy, maximum size 320GB for second HDD Harddrive

If you have a Dell Inspiron 1764 you might run into booting problems when adding a second HDD Harddrive to your laptop with a HDD Caddy. If you add a 2nd HDD with storage capacity higher than 500GB the Dell Inspiron 1764 will have trouble with booting your OS. It won’t recognize the HDD located in the HDD Caddy and it will lock at the BIOS starting screen.

If you have plans to add a 2nd HDD to your Dell Inspiron 1764, please note that the maximum storage capacity is 320GB for using a 2nd HDD with a HDD Caddy. For the Dell Inspiron 1764 order this HDD Caddy.



If you cannot find your laptop on our website. Please check here to find the HDD Caddy that fits in your laptop. We have also universal HDD Caddy with sizes
like 9.5mm or 12.7mm and SATA or PATA connections.

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