Asus A72 A75 HDD Caddy

This HDD Caddy replaces the dvd-drive or blu-ray drive from the laptops Asus A72 and A75 to add a second SATA hard drive! These are 17 inch multimedia laptops. The Asus A75 has a different design than the A72, it was also released later than the A72. Both models can be featured with the new Core i3, Core i5 or Core i7 processors although it is also possible that you have a model with AMD CPU. This HDD Caddy easily slides in the optical bay of these laptops. The frontside of the HDD Caddy has a mounting holder for the plastic bezel of the dvd-drive. You can mount the bezel of the Asus A72 and Asus A75 on the HDD Caddy. It will fit any 2.5″ HDD or SSD. The caddy supports SATAI, SATAII, and SATAIII transfer speeds. The built-in lock screws make it easy to mount your second hard drive in the caddy. The HDD Caddy is a well design product and is made from aluminium which makes it light, sturdy and provides cooling for the hard drive. The inside of the caddy has a plastic holder to absorb noise and vibrations from a 2nd HDD. Installation is easy. Remove the optical drive. Put the bezel of the optical drive on to the HDD Caddy (see video) and install the HDD Caddy with second hard drive or SSD in the Asus laptop.

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– supports SATA laptop hard drive or SSD max. 1TB (1,000GB)
– supports SATA I, II, III (max. 6gbps)
– including mini hex key
– updated SATA board: incl. fix for Asus shutdown problem with 2nd HDD

Supported laptops
Asus A72 series
Asus A75 series

Compatible models such as: